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Field teleloop system for television and music


Field is a teleloop system that makes it possible for hearing aid users to hear the sound from their television and/or stereo system directly in their hearing aid without disturbing background noise.

Pump up the volume!
Field amplifies the sound and wirelessly sends it to the hearing aid. Therefore, you can turn up the volume without having to consider disturbing the rest of the household or neighbours.

With the help of a boundary microphone placed on the table, Field can also be used for conversation or meetings. As an alternative to the included room loop, Field can also be used with a cushion loop. A cushion loop is recommended in apartment blocks to avoid disturbance from other teleloop systems.

Field can be used with any hearing aid with a telecoil (T or M/T setting). Field comes with a room loop that covers up to 70m2 and an adapter set.

How Field works

  1. The Field amplifier is placed near the television without complicated connections.
  2. An inconspicuous loop cable is placed in the listening area.
  3. A hearing aid with its telecoil set in the T or M/T position allows one to enjoy a crisp and clear TV sound signal in the teleloop area whilst others listen at a suitable volume.

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A typical teleloop system consists of an amplifier connected to a TV and/or stereo system and a teleloop placed along the wall or panelling in the room where the user wishes to hear the TV/stereo. The teleloop amplifier transmits the sound out to the teleloop. A hearing aid (in the T-setting) will capture the sound from the teleloop.


The boundary microphone is specially designed for discussions and meetings around a table.


A room loop is a teleloop that is placed along the panelling in the room where you will use the teleloop system to hear the television or stereo.


If you live in a flat where your neighbours may also have a teleloop system installed, it can be necessary to use a cushion loop instead of the included room loop. This prevents sound contamination to/from your neighbours.


Many hearing aids have a telecoil (T and M/T setting) that allows sound to be received wirelessly from a teleloop, neckloop or a teleloop system. The user can choose the volume and hear the sound directly in the hearing aid without disturbing background noise.