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Advantages for students with impaired hearing

Children can be afflicted with temporary hearing impairment as a result of colds, ear infections and other ailments many times throughout the school year. As a result, it can be difficult for children to hear and understand what is being said, particularly in situations where there is background noise. This makes children especially dependant on a good sound environment for speech understanding in learning situations.

The same is true for children with permanent hearing impairment that use hearing aids or have a Cochlear Implant (CI). They have an even greater need for the improved sound environment and speech understanding that a FrontRow sound field system provides. Flexible functionality makes it possible to connect a student’s FM system directly to the sound system so that the teacher’s and other student’s voices are transferred wirelessly to the students FM-receiver. Therefore, the teacher can be sure that the student can hear what is said during the lesson directly through the hearing aid(s).

Did you know...
... up to 43% of all children in pre-school will fail a hearing test1?

1Catherine V. Palmer PhD ”Hearing and listening in a typical classroom” (1997)