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Advantages for the school

Save on the school budget
One would never design a classroom without lighting to help students see. However, almost all classrooms are designed without a sound system to help students hear.

In order to learn, one must listen. But the sound environment in classrooms makes it difficult for students to hear the teacher and other students. The teacher often must raise their voice and repeat themselves and, as a result, many experience vocal strain. Sick leave and need for tutoring add expenses to already tight school budgets.

The FrontRow sound field system amplifies the teacher’s voice slightly above the background noise and distributes the sound evenly throughout the entire classroom. This provides all students with better conditions to focus on what the teacher and other students are saying. The teacher’s voice is spared so that vocal problems, stress and sick leave are reduced, and the students understand and learn more.

Did you know...
...for only 3 British pence or Eurocents per day, per student1 the FrontRow sound field system can help the whole class hear all of the time.
...that the school can expect up to 60% fewer sick days as a result of vocal problems2.

1Baseret på en gennemsnitlig systempris, en klassekvotient på 25 og en forventet levetid på 8 år.
2Laurie Allen M.A., CCC-Aud “The effect Sound Field has on Teacher Vocal Abuse Problems” (1996)
  For a long time, we considered improving the sound environment with a sound field system. When we enroled Caroline [a hearing-impaired student Ed.], the sound field system was on the agenda again, and we saw the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. The sound field system fulfiled Caroline’s needs and was beneficial for the other students as well as the teachers.

Lotte Kamp, principal
Ørestad School, Copenhagen, Denmark