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Advantages for teachers

Teachers and vocal problems
Whilst teaching, teachers must compete with background noise in the classroom for students’ attention and often need to raise their voice and repeat themselves. Vocal strain, frustration and stress are some of the consequences teachers face when trying to drown out the background noise without assistance.

The FrontRow sound field system amplifies the teacher’s voice slightly above the background noise and distributes the sound evenly throughout the entire classroom. This relives the strain on the teacher so that vocal problems, stress and sick leave are reduced.

Did you know...
...up to 25% of all teachers have or have had vocal problems1?
...96% of teachers experience an improvement in students’ concentration, attentiveness and comprehension2 with a sound field system.
...92% of teachers experience fewer vocal problems with a sound field system.

1Marie Kirketerp & Nina B. Larsen, audiologopædistuderende, Dansk sound field undersøgelse (2005/2006)
2Gail Gegg Rosenberg M.S., CCC-A ”Improving Classroom Acoustics” Special Project (1995)
  When I turn the microphone on in the morning, the students take that as a sign that class has begun and they settle down without the need to raise my voice. I feel that my voice reaches every corner when using the microphone and that makes it easier to be the teacher for everyone in the class, including those in the last rows. It’s wonderful to not have to compensate by raising my voice.

Signe Lundbak, teacher
Vangebo School, Holte, Denmark