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Advantages for students

Children and speech understanding
It’s important to remember that children are not just small adults. They are surprisingly poor at using context to fill in the blanks and need more complete and detailed information than adults to understand what is being said. This need is even greater for students for whom English is a second language.

A FrontRow sound field system improves the sound environment and puts all students in a better position to hear what the teacher and other students say and thereby understand and learn more. All students deserve to receive the full benefit of their education.

Did you know...
...that up to 45% of a student’s school day is spent listening1?

1Catherine V. Palmer PhD ”Hearing and listening in a typical classroom” (1997)

  Sometimes it used to take a half an hour to complete a dictation, but sometimes now it only takes 15 minutes. Before [sound field Ed.] we needed to say things again and again and again because some couldn’t hear – everyone in the back rows. But, when the microphone came, we could hear much better.”

Sara, 11 years old
Mejrup School, Copenhagen, Denmark