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FrontRow Pro Digital


FrontRow Pro Digital is a sound field system for schools that significantly improves the sound environment in the classroom. This benefits the students’ attentiveness, participation, comprehension and concentration. At the same time, it prevents strain on the teacher’s voice.

Superior sound quality and usability
FrontRow Pro Digital combines superior sound quality and user-friendly functionality. The hands-free pendant microphone for teachers requires minimal service, and the system automatically shuts down after use.

FrontRow Pro Digital is a wireless infrared sound system that can be installed in an unlimited number of classrooms at the same school.

A typical FrontRow Pro Digital system consists of a pendant microphone for the teacher, a student microphone, a receiver and loudspeakers.

  • Easy to operate
  • Comfortable wireless pendant teacher microphone
  • Microphone for team teaching or student microphone
  • Fixed speakers: wall, ceiling or infrared
  • Automatic power saving stand-by function
  • User-friendly charging
  • Able to connect FM-system
  • Can be connected to: PC, TV, DVD, CD, interactive white board, etc.

How FrontRow Digital works 

1. Receiver
Combines sound emission from teachers, students and multimedia devices and transmits it to the loudspeakers.

2. Loudspeakers
Distribute the sound evenly throughout the classroom so all students have the opportunity to hear well.

3. Teacher’s pendant microphone
Transmits the teacher’s voice to the receiver. The teacher is able to speak at a normal volume and not strain their voice.

4. Student microphone
Strengthens students’ presentation skills and builds self confidence.

5. Integration of multimedia devices
Play sound from MP3 files, DVDs, interactive white board, CD-players and streaming videos. You are also able to record the lesson.

6. Better listeners
Every seat becomes a good seat for students’ concentration, attention and performance.


The wireless pendant microphone for the teacher is comfortable enough to wear all day. It has a practical mute button, which makes it easy for the teacher to have private conversations with students without removing the microphone.

close A small hand-held microphone that is designed to fit childrens’ hands and be easy to use. A comfortable neck strap allows hands free use - ideal for reading aloud and speaking in front of the class. The microphone makes it enjoyable for students to participate in lessons, but can also be used as a light-weight teacher microphone.

You can select between three types of loudspeakers for the FrontRow Pro Digital system: wall, infrared and ceiling.