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Wireless neck loop for Bluetooth mobile phones


HearIt Mobile is a user-friendly, wireless neck loop for use with Bluetooth mobile phones.

Hands-free solution with superior sound quality
HearIt Mobile wirelessly transmits the sound from your mobile telephone to your hearing aid (with telecoil). The wireless functionality makes HearIt Mobile well suited for use as a hands-free solution for mobile telephones. When high-quality sound is a priority, HearIt Mobile is the ideal solution for people with impaired hearing.

Listen via hearing aid or headphones
HearIt Mobile has an integrated neck loop that allows you to hear your conversations directly via a hearing aid. Alternatively, headphones can be used.

User-friendly design
HearIt Mobile has an easy-to-use answer/power switch and volume control. You can choose a volume suited to your hearing needs.


  • Hands-free solution for Bluetooth mobile phones
  • Neck loop for use with hearing aids (with telecoil)
  • Headphone connector

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A neck loop is a teleloop that is worn around the neck. It transmits the sound from a source, such as a TV or mobile telephone, out through the loop. A hearing aid in the T-position (telecoil) will capture the sound from the loop and exclude disturbing background noise.


Many hearing aids have a telecoil (T and M/T setting) that allows sound to be received wirelessly from a teleloop, neckloop or a teleloop system. The user can choose the volume and hear the sound directly in the hearing aid without disturbing background noise.