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Observer & Wake


Be awakened by powerful vibrations when the baby cries
The Observer monitor and Wake awakening system work together to awaken you when the baby monitor is activated. When the baby cries, Observer wirelessly transmits the signal to Wake which wakes you up with a powerful vibration.

Why you should choose Observer and Wake
Wake is placed near the baby and the Wake vibrator is placed under a pillow. When the baby cries, Wake produces powerful vibrations under your pillow. Therefore, you can be assured that you will wake up when the baby needs attention.

Be notified about other types of alerts
Wake can also detect when your alarm clock goes off and awaken you. When Observer is used in conjunction with other Observer monitors and/or the Detect and Detect Door alert transmitters, it can also provide notification in other situations, such as when:

Wake has seven different vibration patterns, so you can easily differentiate between a doorbell and a telephone ring, for example.

Discreet design
Observer and Wake have a discreet design and are available in black. Observer is placed near the crib/bed, and Wake is placed on a night stand.

Receive alerts via sound or light
You can also use Observer with the Call audible alert device, the Flash visual alert device and/or the PocketVib portable vibrator and be notified when the baby needs attention via sound, light or vibrations.