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HearIt Media wireless amplifier for TV and mobile


HearIt Media is a wireless amplifier that gives people with impaired hearing better and clearer sound in the following situations:

• watching TV or listening to music
• mobile telephone conversations

Crisp and clear sound from TV/stereo system
With HearIt Media, you can turn the volume up as high as you like without having to consider disturbing the rest of the household or neighbours.

The HearIt Media TV-adapter amplifies the sound from your TV/stereo and wirelessly sends it to the HearIt Media neck loop. You hear the sound directly in your hearing aid (with telecoil) or via headphones.

Clear mobile telephone conversations
With HearIt Media, you can use your mobile phone hands-free and hear your conversation without disturbing background or other noise in your hearing aid.

The HearIt Media neck loop wirelessly transmits and receives sound to/from your mobile phone via Bluetooth. You speak into the microphone on the HearIt Media neck loop and hear the person with whom you are speaking via your hearing aid or headset.

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A neck loop is a teleloop that is worn around the neck. It transmits the sound from a source, such as a TV or mobile telephone, out through the loop. A hearing aid in the T-position (telecoil) will capture the sound from the loop and exclude disturbing background noise.


Many hearing aids have a telecoil (T and M/T setting) that allows sound to be received wirelessly from a teleloop, neckloop or a teleloop system. The user can choose the volume and hear the sound directly in the hearing aid without disturbing background noise.