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Detect Door & PocketVib


“Hear” the doorbell via vibration
The Detect Door doorbell and the wireless vibrator PocketVib work together to notify you when the doorbell rings. When visitors press the button on Detect Door, the signal is wirelessly transmitted to PocketVib which vibrates and lights up so that you are certain to be notified.

Why you should choose Detect Door and PocketVib
PocketVib is wireless and can be carried around the home. Detect Door and PocketVib can be placed up to 75 metres apart. When the doorbell rings, PocketVib produces a powerful vibration and four LEDs are activated. Therefore, you are certain to know when you have visitors.

Be notified about other types of alerts
When PocketVib is used in conjunction with the alert transmitters Detect and/or Observer, it can also provide notification in other situations, such as when:

PocketVib has seven different vibration patterns, so you can easily differentiate between a doorbell and a telephone ring, for example.

Discreet design
Detect Door and PocketVib have a discreet design. Detect Door is available in black and white, so you can choose what best suits your home. PocketVib is available in black. Detect Door is set up outside as a doorbell, and PocketVib is attached to clothing and carried around the house.

Receive alerts via sound or light
You can also use Detect Door with the Flash visual alert device, the Call audible alert device and/or the Wake awakening system to be notified via light, sound or to be woken up when the doorbell rings.