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PocketVib cordless vibrator


PocketVib is a cordless vibrator that receives signals from the Puzzle system alert transmitters when, for example, the telephone rings or someone calls at the door. PocketVib notifies you of these types of alerts via powerful vibrations

Powerful vibrations
PocketVib is cordless and can be carried around the home. The distance between PocketVib and a Puzzle system alert transmitter is up to 75 metres. PocketVib notifies you via powerful vibrations in a specific pattern, so you can feel assured that you will know when the telephone rings or someone calls at the door, for example.

Puzzle alert system
Flash is a part of the Puzzle alert system that notifies you of alarm and ringtone signals in the home. The Puzzle alert system consists of a minimum of one alert transmitter per alarm/ringtone and one alert device. Assemble your own Puzzle alarm system and choose which alarms/ringtones you wish to hear:

Be notified via sound or light
You can also choose to be notified via soundlight and/or to be woken up when alarms/ringtones sound in the home.